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How to do regenerative agroforestry in a temperate climate

Cocoa, bananas, coffee, mangos, and pepper… When talking agroforestry, we tend to think about lush tropical systems in the global South and around the equ...
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Regenerative Agroforestry in temperate climate is possible.

I wrote a blog about the Den Food Bosch research and showcase food forest about a year ago. Since then a lot of time has passed and I was curious to hear exactl...
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Lombok earthquake break

Chapter 4: Lombok – Trembling First of all, We are thankful for our reNature team on Lombok is safe. We were beginning the last month of our first phase when ...
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Agroforestry Class at Thought for Food Academy

At Thought for Food Academy in Rio de Janeiro, reNature Foundation inspired 200 next-generation innovators and entrepreneurs from 40 countries with their missio...
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Creating a Food Forest at Kulkul Farm Bali

Chapter 3: 
Ubud Bali – Implementing & Agroforestry Workshop The Kulkul Farm already welcomed us in the beginning of June for an unforgettable deli...
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Regenerating land with students and farmers in Lombok

Severe storms and heavy rainfalls are threatening small islands worldwide due to the climate change. It’s time for us to take action to prove that we can crea...
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Den Food Bosch, a Food Forest in the Northern Hemisphere

What exactly is a food forest? It sounded like a hipster vegan restaurant to me at first. Turns out I was far off. Instead, a food forest has sustainable agricu...
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Permaculture Inspiration from Joseph Lentenyoi

This November I visited Joseph Lentenyoi’s permaculture farm, the Laikipia Permaculture Centre, Kenya. The 2-hour visit was short but life changing. The m...
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