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‘Forestwise is dedicated to creating #RainforestValue in order to sustain the rainforests of Borneo. Their mission is to #StopDeforestation and create #RainforestValue by developing a market for valuable products from the rainforest and empower local people to protect the remaining forest. By helping to maintain the wild rainforest, they also conserve wildlife, generate employment and income for local inhabitants, and safeguard fresh water, fresh air and fertile soils.’ 

‘Forestwise increases the economic value of the remaining forest, and gives forest communities a sound incentive for continuing to protect it. Their harvesting and processing methods are certified by Ecocert with the Fair for Life certificate. We also offer certified organic products. Founded in 2018, Forestwise has offices in Rotterdam (NL) and Sintang (ID), as well as production facilities in Sintang (ID).’

reNature and Forestwise are collaborating to further increase efforts to protect Borneo’s rainforests while providing economic opportunities for farmers. Regenerative Agroforestry will be utilized to avoid deforestation, restore degraded land, and increase the profitability and sustainability of existing farmland.