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Both pharmaceutics and cosmetics have developed into industries worth billions. The former even exceeded one trillion U.S. in dollars in 2014. Many products within those industries are based on natural ingredients. In fact, all components of cosmetics were traditionally natural. The use of products extracted from plants for medicinal purposes can be traced to the beginnings of civilization and up until the end of the nineteenth century, natural products were the principal source of medicines.

Regenerative Agroforestry can be utilized to produce various commodities of essential value for the pharma & cosmetics industries. Many plants used for the production of those grow well in agroforestry systems such as aloe vera, moringa, or jojoba. Various medicinal plants and commodities used in cosmetics grow in natural ecosystems. reNature promotes the conservation of these by showcasing the value of these plants and creating economic models around them.

$1 trillion

pharma market worth

$532 billion

cosmetics market worth

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