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Welcome 4 reNature new team members!

reNature has been growing rapidly, and we’re proud to be welcoming 4 new members to our team! Meet Elena Yurchenko, Benoît Clément, Eline Martins, and Ivens Domingos

With new forces joining our team, we are bringing in a variety of expertise, including biodiversity conservation, multi-stakeholder transformations within agribusiness, financial management and business development, agroforestry and land restoration.

The variety of the new team member’s skills and experiences will be key in achieving our goals of restoring 1 million hectares and ensuring food security for 10 million farmers worldwide by 2030.

Will you join us to reNature?

reNature’s new team members: TL: Elena Yurchenko; TR: Ivens Domingos; BL: Benoît Clément; BR: Eline Martins.

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