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How changing a spice production system increases benefits

From tree-climbing vines like vanilla and pepper, to actual trees like cinnamon and nutmeg, many spices actually come from the forest. They are ideally suited f...
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Insights on Indonesia

Indonesia is known a unique set of ecosystems characterized by abundance and diversity. Unfortunately, it is also known for severe deforestation and forest degr...
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Open for Sign up: Bangka Changemakers Agroforestry Workshop

Português abaixo An inspirational journey to learn about dynamic agroforestry: the future of regenerative agriculture. Introduction For Dutch Verstegen, reNatu...
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Agroforestry Workshop with Krisna Putra

Week 7: April 20th-27th. Bangka White Pepper Agroforestry This week, it was my turn to join the team at the white pepper farm on Bangka Island and follow t...
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Common mistakes with implementing Agroforestry

Report Week 3 & 4, March 30-April 12 , Bangka White Pepper Agroforestry We got too excited working hard on the implementation of our system that we ended up...
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White pepper implementation moving fast

Week 2: March 23th-29th. Bangka White Pepper Agroforestry Weeks are flying by for the Bangka Changemakers and the agroforestry system is already taking sha...
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Planting the future of Bangka Island

Week 1: March 18th-22nd. Bangka White Pepper Agroforestry Already the first week into the project, we are moving fast with the system implementation, touch...
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Preta Terra; our Experts of the Bangka White pepper system

For the White Pepper Agroforestry project in Bangka, Indonesia, Preta Terra made the design. It is time to interview their Valter Ziantoni, Forestry Engineer / ...
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Meet the reNature Bangka team

Did you hear? reNature is going to Bangka Indonesia! to develop a regenerative agroforestry system for the production of white pepper. From Mid March to Mid May...
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